Predicting Home Trends from Graphic Design

By Ingrid Friel, Twin Cities Realtor Trends come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where they came from, or why they’ve become the next big thing. Blue-tiled backsplashes might be inspired by a new wave of Mediterranean-motivated interiors. Curved furniture lines could find their origins in an independent movie that captures the... Continue Reading →

Preparing to Sell Tips

Wherever you live there are aspects of your home that are newer than others. It could be appliances, HVAC, siding etc. When someone calls me saying they want to get ready to list their home and want me to tell them what to do to get it ready we walk around looking at the home... Continue Reading →

Spring = deck repair/maintenance

Over the years we have replaced all boards, posts/footings and now stairs on our deck. When doing the posts my husband realized they were quite rotten only once they were removed and replaced. Our steps are now in a more convenient location and have 2 strong railings.

Remodel wisely

When it comes to home ownership we often think in terms of maintenance and updating.  Sometimes the lines blur, for example when a front door is not functioning well a new one may be needed which is both maintenance and updating. Winter can be a good time to work on interior projects (i.e. fresh paint,... Continue Reading →

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