First time buyers – you may be ready

Recent survey indicates that the general public may be over-estimating the amount needed for a down payment.  You can purchase for as little as 3% down.  In addition, some cities will offer down payment assistance and rural housing may require $0 downpayment. So if purchasing a home for $200,000 - 3% would be $6,000.  There... Continue Reading →

NYC’s High Line in St Paul

I stumbled across "The Line" online magazine this evening while searching for some city news.  What a great source of local information current and coming up. The plans to make the river more of a feature to St Paul residents who will occupy Custom House, those nearby or those visiting sounds like a great idea... Continue Reading →

If purchasing home from a foreign person…

My friends at Title One provided some useful information on purchasing a home from a foreign person.  Keep this in mind for upcoming purchases. Here's a short summary... The following article was written for us by Barbara A. Olson, a local tax attorney. By Barbara A. Olson 612-436-3293 Generally under Federal law, when the... Continue Reading →

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