2015 Cost vs Value Report – Remodel percent of work vs. value in selling


Minnesota is part of the West North Central Region when using this site.  Below is a useful data table from the site.

Some key take aways – if you need a roof to sell you will get approx 71% of the cost back in the sale of the home.  New wood windows are expected to net you a higher %, about 80% vs vinyl cost recoup of 70%.  When considering the sale of a home that will attract first time buyers work with Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.11.35 PMyour realtor to prioritize and complete projects that will be too big financially or conceptually for a buyer to assume.

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Regulators Sound the Alarm on Pocket Listings | Realtor Magazine

I’ve been talking to clients about pocket listings also known as “coming soon” signage.  Please read the article here if you are considering listing your home and your agent is talking to you about selling prior to listing.  It is typically in your best interest to open  your home to the broader market to get the most money for your home.  Happy buying and selling.


Regulators Sound the Alarm on Pocket Listings | Realtor Magazine.



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Eden Praire – benefits of “The Preserve” open to all this summer

For anyone who had driven by the swimming pool at the Preserve in EP off Anderson Lakes you know it is the “cool place to be on a hot day”.  You can buy a pool membership for $269 although spots are limited.

Swim facilities include a children/family beach as well as an adult beach and a separate concrete lined diving pool with two one-meter boards. The chlorinated lake pool is open seven days a week with Red Cross-trained lifeguards on duty at all times.

Non-resident membership allows for: 

 free pool access to family members

the ability to bring guests for a fee 

 reduced fees for youth swim lessons

 use of tennis courts, volleyball courts, play areas and trails

 rental of the Preserve Center

invitation to planned activities throughout the year 

Let me know if I will see you there.  I’ll be chasing my toddlers.

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I’m selling this spring – do I have to gather up my kids and leave for showings?

Most buyer agent like to have the house to themselves for showings. However, this needs to be weighed with the benefits vs. inconveniences to sellers. If sellers are physically challenged or young children pose scheduling challenges for showings then sellers being home for showings can be considered. When I have sellers who are anxious about showings I work with them to come up with the right balance of marketing their home with what works for their family priorities. It’s ideal to approve every showing but not always possible.

Rather than say “no showings after 7pm”, it might work better to allow them but plan to be home with the baby’s bedroom off limits.

Tips for sellers who need to be home:
1) welcome the agent and perspective buyer and let them know who is home and that you are open to questions should they arise; deflect questions to your agent as needed
2) answering questions can build rapport with a buyer – perhaps about garden plants, or neighborhood make-up or amenities
3) be responsive but not intrusive to the agent or the buyers – they should feel like you are “almost not there”
4) try to restrict your family to one area during the showing; when the weather is nice perhaps this can be the deck/backyard
5) have the areas of the home you are not in show-ready; lights on; doors open and picked up

Second-showing – always leave the home

These should be identified as second showings when contacted for approval of the showings.

For second showings, sellers ideally should arrange to leave the home so the buyers agent and buyers can take the time they need to review the property as thoroughly as they desire. Some buyer’s want to measure for possible furniture configurations, explore the exterior of the home in detail, look at amount of closet space more closely and more.

Happy Selling!

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Ideas for how and where to get rid of belongings you no longer need

An excerpt from an article on decluttering to get ready to sell provides a useful list.

I also use the website gooddonor.org since it compiles several local non-profits so can meet a variety of donation needs.

Also, have been very lucky with posting free items on Craigslist. We repurposed old cedar deck boards and an old over the range microwave for example.

Saw a recent speaker about decluttering. My dresser mess was affecting my mood. I boxed up unused jewelry items and cleared some space. Every time I see that free space I breathe a little easier. I kept thinking I’d do a sort and purge and it wasn’t ever a priority. Having the clear space was important since my toddlers can’t reach this high yet. Items on my night stand like my glasses are easy for them to find.

Happy purging and organizing.

12. Get rid of belongings. Now it’s time for your sellers to rethink what to do with everything in piles. Here are some upsides and downsides to these decisions:Sell or auction through an online vendor like Craigslist or eBay or at a flea market. Downside: It may take time to get the desired price.Leave at a consignment shop to get stuff out of a house now. Downside: Proceeds get shared, and it may take a while to sell.Give away to family, friends, or a nonprofit such as freecycle.org. Some communities let residents leave stuff outside their house with a sign, “Take it!” Upside: It gets rid of things fast.Have a group haul it away such as 1-800-Got-Junk? Upside: This avoids driving it to a dumpster.Donate to a charity. Upside: It gets out of a house, helps someone in need, and provides a deduction. Fill out IRS Form 8283 if total exceeds $500.Organize a yard sale. If time is of the essence, the seller could hire a professional who sets up tables, takes money, and gets rid of what doesn’t sell. Downside: Proceeds get shared.

via Clean, Declutter, Discard: Make a House Shine for Resale | Realtor Magazine.

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Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling.

Subscribe to free Daily Inspiration Emails from BHG.  If thinking of remodeling in the Twin Cities reference our free website – Urban100.com

Let me know how your remodel job is coming along or if you would like input from a realtor perspective.


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Twin Cities Open Enrollment – A few phone calls and a lot of answers

Moving within the metro can be daunting. The sheer effort of packing up your home to list it and shop for a new home takes lots of time and energy. On top of your day to day activities it can be too much at times. One key question people ask about is open enrollment. If I end up in a different school district than I prefer how does open enrollment work? Today I spoke to a coordinator for district 196 which includes Eagan (651)683-6900 and the coordinator for Minnetonka (952) 401-5700. Here are a few key take-aways..

-has been able to accept all qualified applicants who open enroll at least a few weeks prior to the school year for the past 8 years
-bussing might be an option so parents can drop the child at a closest bus stop vs. driving to the school, additional paperwork is required for this; may be additional cost for this
-once in the district say for kindergarden you continue to be eligible for in-district education through your child’s 12 years of school. At each milestone – middle school and high school – you are sent paperwork to enroll in the schools that have room. Space has be available in Eagan.

-Reach out to a coordinator for the district to get on their list as soon as you know you want to enroll in the district. You may still be in the process of moving at this time
-For young children not yet school age, you can enroll in the preschool Mtka program and get priority for kindergarden enrollment the following year

Both coordinators were easy to reach by phone, knowledgeable and extremely willing to answer all of my questions.

Happy house and school hunting!

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