Monthly News & Resources

Monthly News

April 2019 Newsletter I Friel – Down Payment strategies; Home Warranty Value to you

Real-estate related

Landlords & tenants should reference the MN Landlord Tenant Handbook.  Tenants read your lease before signing to know if there is a clause that allows the landlord to cancel the lease with notice.

Component Life Expectancies – a homeowners reference on “how long will it last/work” for everything related to your home

factsheet_12b – Property Tax Explained – have you ever wondered what the tax value was for a property and how it differs from a list or sold price

General Topics

Self-Care Choices – on a more personal note, my friend Stacia Christiansen did a wonderful presentation to my MOPs group 11/2015 on self-care. Whether you are a parent or not, making time for yourself always benefits you and all those around you

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