Twin Cities Housing Recovery Signs

News Releases. Sales Up, Foreclosure Rate Drops as Distressed Segment Leans Toward Recovery If you are a prospective seller you may find some reassurances in knowing that the distressed segment is trending down. This segment is pulling our market down so as these move off the market things should level out and improve. Some good... Continue Reading →

Lease with an option to buy

This might be an approach for a buyer who wants to move into their next property but there is a gap between when they can move in and when they can get a mortgage. Rather than rent and later buy and deal with two moves you might want to consider a lease with option to... Continue Reading →

Contract for deed resources

I had a buyer approach me last week to write a purchase agreement on his behalf for a property he found and planned to purchase contract for deed. We had a good discussion about some key milestones in this type of transaction and options to consider. A realtor can be a resource in these types... Continue Reading →

Staging Tips – Get ready to sell….

In the current Minneapolis metro area, sellers can differentiate their property by using staging strategies. This process will start with the basics, which will actually take time and energy on your part but will pay off in the long run.  Once a buyer decides he/she wants to see your place it needs to "show well":... Continue Reading →

High impact words matter, choose wisely

As Realtors, we choose our word descriptions to fit the property and balance this with the amount of room we are allowed in the MLS. Order and word selection are instrumental in moving potential buyers from behind their computers to setting up a showing appointment and writing an offer. Important words I hear from today's... Continue Reading →

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