Thinking of buying? Know your MSN

Walkers Buyer Packet Final 2022.pdfDownload My trusted lender Lisa Walker with Cross Country Mortgage has some great resources for buyers in 2022. Tracking our expenses isn't always easy but it is meaningful and important. I remember buying my first home as a young professional and needing to consider what my must haves vs. nice to... Continue Reading →

Preparing to Sell Tips

Wherever you live there are aspects of your home that are newer than others. It could be appliances, HVAC, siding etc. When someone calls me saying they want to get ready to list their home and want me to tell them what to do to get it ready we walk around looking at the home... Continue Reading →

Single & Buying in 2022

So grateful to my 2021 buyers who achieved home ownership. Thanks for having faith in me, being collaborative & candid. I want to give a special thanks to single buyers. I was a single buyer on 3 homes I purchased in my late 20s & 30s, prior to being a Realtor. There is a lot... Continue Reading →

A fence can sell a house…

Late November and my family is planting tulip bulbs, my 9 yr old Maeve is creating her side hustle website and I toured a couple houses and lunched with a friend. So many things to be grateful for as we wrap up 2021. Of course there continue to be anxious moments if anyone has a... Continue Reading →

Homeowners – radon testing option

A recent client who purchased an Eden Prairie home shared this useful information...The tip links for your easy reference. I went to the MN department of health website and they have a radon test they recommend on the site and you get a discount through them so it was $10.95.

2021 House Hunting – Redefined..

I'm wondering if we will look back on 2021 with fresh eyes on how the rules of engagement for buyers dramatically shifted. I showed a home listed for $300K & the list price was revised that day to $320K and then after offers were reviewed and one accepted revised again to $345K - 15% over... Continue Reading →

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