Homeowners – radon testing option

A recent client who purchased an Eden Prairie home shared this useful information...The tip links for your easy reference. I went to the MN department of health website and they have a radon test they recommend on the site and you get a discount through them so it was $10.95.

2021 House Hunting – Redefined..

I'm wondering if we will look back on 2021 with fresh eyes on how the rules of engagement for buyers dramatically shifted. I showed a home listed for $300K & the list price was revised that day to $320K and then after offers were reviewed and one accepted revised again to $345K - 15% over... Continue Reading →

Summer of change & renewal

2020 has been quite a year!! We jumped on the stay at home bandwagon and launched into our first ever major remodel. We are loving the changes but ready for completion. This experience has increased my scope of knowledge as a Realtor and appreciation for remodeled homes. We have squeezed in a few extra hikes... Continue Reading →

Rates trending down

Wings credit union sponsored a class today. Mentioned they have great 10 yr ARM offer and conventional with 10% down and no PMI. Worth shopping around for what meets your needs.

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