Senior Housing Possibilities – Eden Prairie Minnesota & Nearby

Would you rather…

My 10 year old Genevieve asks me many “would you rather?” questions/scenarios daily.  Would you rather have a thin coat or a thick coat?  Would you rather be young or old your whole life?  She has so many things she is thinking about and sharing when we are in the car together, it is amazing.  

In my work as a Realtor, I am often asking my prospect/clients “would your rather…” questions too.  Sometimes it is also helpful to guide them based on my experience.  For those who are upsizing or downsizing it can be cost, convenience or enjoyment driving the decision to move.  It can be so many things.

Whether you are a “senior” or someone helping a loved one, these questions can be challenging.  It take energy, time and money to move.  It can be disruptive but also the right next step.  In helping clients make this move there are many points of discussion and research that goes into the next step.  Sometimes it is selling and moving in with family or transitional housing.  Other times it is moving first and then selling the home.

A few years ago I assisted my parents in moving from their long time family split level home in Bloomington to a Cooperative (co-op) about 1 mile away.  My Mom “found it” when attending a dinner at a residents unit. 

A senior living cooperative—or co-op—is a housing option that offers adults age 55 and over independence and social interaction without the maintenance, chores, and expenses of single-home ownership. Residents purchase a share of the community and also have a say in how the community operates.Oct 31, 2017

In the process we researched many options.  There are non-profit & for profit senior options that offer a range of care.  You can move into independent living and add services if you needed in the future.  What my Mom loved most about the Summerhill co-op was the size of the apartment.  It is a large 2 bed/2 bath unit with a balcony.  Being part of a community that has ownership involves board meetings, committees and shared spaces.  The co-op hires a management company, however, the residents are in control of these decisions.

My Dad was in respite care at an Eden Prairie Senior Building called Summit Place a few years ago when my Mom was traveling.  This was a great option and we visited him daily.  The dining hall had staff that helped residents when needed.  There were activities & services throughout the week.  One Saturday there was a BBQ for residents and families that was fun.  There is a great video on their website.

As I look around the Twin Cities, there are new options popping up around town.  Flagstone which is part of Presbyterian Homes opened in 2021 close to the Eden Prairie mall. I toured it with a client in 2022 and loved the location and amenities.

I’ve met several staff members of PresHomes over the years and have been impressed with their knowledge & care.

As you look forward let me know — would you rather stay where you are or consider a move?

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