Sewer Inspection – part of Home Maintenance

If you live in a home for 20+ years a sewer inspection can be a great preventative approach to home maintenance. Homes built in the Twin Cities metro area in the mid 1900’s used clay pipes for the sewer system. Tree roots can amazingly find a small opening to enter a sewer pipe and grow. These can be cleaned out by a sewer cleaning service. Deferred maintenance can lead to more costly repairs if the pipe is broken.

Some sewer lines benefit from a new liner that is approximately $100 per linear foot which then adds up for $$$$ for the full line added. Further damage can lead to bigger repair needs. The city of St Paul requires a plan from a company to obtain a permit prior to any work being completed. The city offers a low interest loan program if a homeowner needs this for repairing a sewer line.

Your homeowners insurance may offer a rider to cover sewer repairs. If purchasing or living in an older home this is type of supplement you may want to consider on your insurance.

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