Predicting Home Trends from Graphic Design

By Ingrid Friel, Twin Cities Realtor

Trends come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where they came from, or why they’ve become the next big thing. Blue-tiled backsplashes might be inspired by a new wave of Mediterranean-motivated interiors. Curved furniture lines could find their origins in an independent movie that captures the world’s collective attention. 

There’s no predicting where trends emerge but a safe bet is to look at the world of graphic design, which is exactly what this post is all about. 

Here are some trends in marketing and graphic design that could just spur the next big thing in decor: 

Dreamy brilliance. This trend is about bold, bright colors that spark nothing but sheer joy. It’s not for everyone (or for the faint of heart) but it could translate into daring paint colors for accent walls, brightly hued sofas and rooms themed in unexpected shades of wildflower purple or golden yellow. 

Delicore. Graphic designers are drawing from retro deli aesthetics (the menus, the signs, the decorations, the nostalgia of it all), and homes might do the same. Perhaps this trend plays out with art featuring wistful, handwritten sayings, the return of checkerboard marble flooring or throwback kitchen designs reminiscent of a vintage deli. 

Surfside. Deeply influenced by a life lived in and out of the water, the surfside trend is beachy with a twist of drop-everything-and-go-anywhere adventure. It’s the boho-chic styled camper van, the glorious shots of a perfect ocean swell. The feeling of escapism might find its way into home design through natural textures like stone, raw-edge wood and linen. It could also be about an open, minimal layout that’s as free and liberating as a windows-down road trip along the California coastline with nothing but waves on your mind.

Fluid Type. This trend describes typography unhinged from the typical x-axis plane of writing. It’s a complete unconcern for symmetry, consistency or organization. Text, as the name suggests, flows across the page in bursts, bubbles, drips and droops. As technology evolved and images could be shaped into letters (OpenType-SVG in design terminology), it drastically opened up the possibilities for non-traditional typefaces. Hence, the fluid type and even holographic, chrome-like text the world has never seen before. How will this impact home design? It could bring about a resurgence in chrome details for hardware, faucets and fittings. It might also provide the go-ahead for uneven, fluid designs like an uneven stone sink, windows rather than walls to separate rooms (let that floor plan flow!) and water features inside and outside the home for moments of movement throughout the property.

Looking for even more trending design advice to help create the home of your dreams? Contact me today: Ingrid Friel

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