Selling in the Summer has Benefits

By Ingrid Friel, Twin Cities Realtor, MN

Summertime isn’t just for beach vacations or poolside afternoons, it’s also the perfect time to get your home sold. If you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the season your house will shine – literally because there’s plenty of summer sunshine to make those front windows sparkle but also figuratively because buyer demand is strong, and there’s not enough inventory in Twin Cities Metro Area to satisfy everyone.

Favorable market conditions aside, selling in the summer is ideal for other reasons, so read on to discover why the time to sell is now: 

It’s a daylight thing. When the sun sets later, the opportunities to schedule daytime showings increase. Everyone wants to check out how the natural light plays out in a home, and booking as many daytime showings as possible becomes a breeze during the light-filled summer days and early evenings.

Buyers want in. Any buyers who spent their springtime on a disappointing search for homes are even more motivated to move ASAP. Some may have school-aged children who need to settle in before school starts in the fall, and others may want a home they can make their own before the holiday chaos starts up in September. (Yes, it is too early for holiday decorations when we’re just putting out pumpkins and Halloween decor but such is life these days!) 

Curb appeal is at peak levels of natural beauty. Just imagine how gorgeous your home will look with a few well-placed seasonal blooms and plants. Plus, your fresh green summer lawn creates the perfect welcome image for prospective buyers as they travel from the front of your property to your front door. 

Home prices could cool with the weather. Typically, as we leave the spring and summer selling seasons, prices tend to appreciate less as buyer demand decreases. While our Twin Cities market is anything but typical right now, it is possible you’ll get less value for your home if you wait to sell. 

Are you thinking about selling this summer season? Let’s talk about why now could be the perfect time to list your home: Ingrid Friel 612-750-six-three-nine-two.

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