Preparing to Sell Tips

Wherever you live there are aspects of your home that are newer than others. It could be appliances, HVAC, siding etc.

When someone calls me saying they want to get ready to list their home and want me to tell them what to do to get it ready we walk around looking at the home and I assess the condition of many items. For example, I had an upper level 1/2 bath that only the cold water worked. As an agent that bathroom is no longer working as expected so listing it as a 1/4 vs a 1/2 bath would be more accurate.

I recently showed a split level home with an updated kitchen. It was very well done. Unfortunately the retaining wall between the driveway & front door was no longer performing. So the seller may not attract as many buyers due to this poor first impression & needed repair.

Nice water pressure

On a buyer inspection the bathroom water pressure was a trickle. Fortunately, this was a quick fix removing sediment.

My advice if you are evaluating your home to sell in the next year or two is to evaluate anything that is “beyond its useful life” like this retaining wall example or plumbing not functioning as expected, like water flow and pressure. These are the first items to address.

Or better yet, ask me to stop by with my checklist.

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