Single & Buying in 2022

So grateful to my 2021 buyers who achieved home ownership. Thanks for having faith in me, being collaborative & candid.

I want to give a special thanks to single buyers. I was a single buyer on 3 homes I purchased in my late 20s & 30s, prior to being a Realtor.

There is a lot of moving parts and pressure with home buying and for single people there are some aspects that can be extra challenging. I get it! Like many of you I spend some time listening to podcasts.

One I like is the Rachel Cruz show. She reminds all of us to be intentional with our spending and saving. Joining her FB page is a good start. For single folks contemplating home ownership starting her plan with saving $1000 and then paying off your debt starting with your lowest balance are useful.

As we head into the holidays she provides useful reminders about how to gift but not overspend. We recently watched a Netflix movie about Christmas and the idea that one small gift can be cherished and serve as a physical sign of our love for family and friends.

If you or someone you know would like to connect on how to achieve home ownership as a single person please reach out to me. Thanks for taking a minute to read this post.

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