A fence can sell a house…

Late November and my family is planting tulip bulbs, my 9 yr old Maeve is creating her side hustle website and I toured a couple houses and lunched with a friend. So many things to be grateful for as we wrap up 2021. Of course there continue to be anxious moments if anyone has a cough in the house or a friend has to quarantine but we do our best.

As I walked my neighborhood loop this afternoon I tried to see it with fresh eyes. I encourage sellers to do this. What are the attractive aspects to the neighborhood as well as detractors. In Eden Prairie we have a public airport so some homes are in or near the flight pattern. We have some large power lines which can be an eye sore. We also have major roads and highways.

A corner newer home recently sold on my walking loop shortly after a modern looking white privacy fence enclosed the backyard. This year I had several buyers desiring a fence and a bit nervous about the cost of adding a fence given lumber and labor prices going up. So congrats to those sellers who smartly added this fence.

If you are considering selling your home try to objectively consider what objections buyers may have and if you should line up a contractor or do the work. Keep in mind 2022 is anticipated to be another sellers market. Give me a jingle if you want my advice.

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