Why do birds flock?

Happy Earth Day

Today’s realtor class was on Home Energy. Our Fresh Energy speaker covered aspects of a home that relate to its use of energy. A homeowners utility bills are their #3 expense when it comes to owning a home. Asking questions about a home prior to purchase can help prepare a homeowner. Looking at home appliances, heating & cooling systems can also help.

The city of Mpls is in the process of adding a Home Rating System to the TISH report effective January 2020. The implementation of the program is underway.

As a homeowner, you might consider a Home Energy Audit thru Xcel or another local resource. Spring is a great time to review your energy uses and plans for efficiency.

So, why do birds flock? To improve chances against predators, to fly farther while using less energy and to forge efficiently. I’m not a bird expert but am in awe of the huge flocks overhead or clustered in tree tops. We are also closely watching 4 robin nests under our deck – up from 1 nest last spring.

As we get into summer and A/C season we can perhaps consider ourselves a flock of A/C users & contemplate conservation. Making our homes more efficient, using a programable thermostat & being mindful of our energy use help the flock.

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