New Construction – Before you buy….

Take time to consider…

If you are considering new construction take time to evaluate the development as a whole.  Some questions are detailed below.  You may have more leverage being one of the first lots sold but you also will be living in a noisy neighborhood for a while.  Some developments may take more or less time to complete so ask questions and make sure you understand the plans and review past developments for proven work and results.  A new construction home can be a forever home, but you want to know what to expect after you move in.

    • Are you one of the first or last lots to be completed?
    • How many lots are available vs. sold?
    • Will you be living next to empty lots until sold?
    • Will you be living next to homes being built?
    • How many builders own lots in the development?
    • When will shared amenities be completed?
    • Is there an association and if so, how will it change once the development is completed?

Some recent buyers of new construction homes had the following comments regarding living in new development…

“We had homes being built nearby.  One directly next to us wasn’t crazy noisy for most things but when they were digging to pour the foundation our home was literally shaking.”

“They are still building…and the worst part is all the trucks and people going in and out all the time.  They seem louder than the actual building.”

“Its a little annoying construction workers loud trucks…Roofing day is louder, but its usually one day.  Framing also can be noisier.”

“Framing guns are loud and roofers are loud and the big heaters they use to dry the foundations in winter (all night long!) are loud and yes the trucks who always seem to be in reverse (beep! beep!)  are loud.  The noise and traffic and trash make it unpleasant to be outside.”

“The backhoe and excavators that actually shake the house are annoying things.  The days they would be digging and ground moving we would leave the house.”


Details on finding the best builder…


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