Legos – great toys on a budget – Rent Toys site! Check-out

I joined the free neighborhood site called Nextdoor and I love it!  Great info for things going on in the neighborhood, items for sale, tips on almost anything.  Here is an excerpt from a post this week.

Let us know of great tips/tricks you learned this week on a free website.

I learned about Pley – which is netflix for toys. They rent lego sets, kinda like netflix for legos. In one year my daughter has gained so much confidence. It is a monthly fee. As soon as you send your set back they send another one. We can create our own preferred list of sets they will send from. Since it is rented I remember to remind her to finish and send it back, More than anything there are fewer lego pieces lying around,

Here is an invite url in case anyone plans to subscribe.Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 11.06.00 AM…

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