Ideas for how and where to get rid of belongings you no longer need

An excerpt from an article on decluttering to get ready to sell provides a useful list.

I also use the website since it compiles several local non-profits so can meet a variety of donation needs.

Also, have been very lucky with posting free items on Craigslist. We repurposed old cedar deck boards and an old over the range microwave for example.

Saw a recent speaker about decluttering. My dresser mess was affecting my mood. I boxed up unused jewelry items and cleared some space. Every time I see that free space I breathe a little easier. I kept thinking I’d do a sort and purge and it wasn’t ever a priority. Having the clear space was important since my toddlers can’t reach this high yet. Items on my night stand like my glasses are easy for them to find.

Happy purging and organizing.

12. Get rid of belongings. Now it’s time for your sellers to rethink what to do with everything in piles. Here are some upsides and downsides to these decisions:Sell or auction through an online vendor like Craigslist or eBay or at a flea market. Downside: It may take time to get the desired price.Leave at a consignment shop to get stuff out of a house now. Downside: Proceeds get shared, and it may take a while to sell.Give away to family, friends, or a nonprofit such as Some communities let residents leave stuff outside their house with a sign, “Take it!” Upside: It gets rid of things fast.Have a group haul it away such as 1-800-Got-Junk? Upside: This avoids driving it to a dumpster.Donate to a charity. Upside: It gets out of a house, helps someone in need, and provides a deduction. Fill out IRS Form 8283 if total exceeds $500.Organize a yard sale. If time is of the essence, the seller could hire a professional who sets up tables, takes money, and gets rid of what doesn’t sell. Downside: Proceeds get shared.

via Clean, Declutter, Discard: Make a House Shine for Resale | Realtor Magazine.

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