Having a vision for your new home, when downsizing

I just helped a wonderful retired couple Rick & Mary downsize from a large home to a 2 bedroom/2 bath townhouse. They wanted to stay in the same community as their house and wanted one level living. The home they found did not seem like a perfect fit since it was a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom house. You have to wonder why we even looked at it? Well the overall square footage seemed reasonable. With Mary’s vision and Rick’s attention to detail they bought the place and then started working. They hired contractors to add a gas fireplace with a black mantle. They took out carpet and put in wood flooring throughout so without breaks the flow is wonderful and makes the space feel larger than before. They also managed to convert the laundry/storage room into a laundry/ bathroom with a very nice tiled shower. For their finishing touch they installed a stamped patio off of their 3 season porch. IMPRESSIVE!!!

If you have a vision or have a friend with a vision you can change a NO-GO property that perhaps seems like it doesn’t match your criteria or you won’t be able to call home into a YES, I MUST BUY THIS πŸ™‚

Gas fireplace as a focal point in townhouse.
Gas fireplace as a focal point in townhouse.

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