Great real estate app — HOUZZ

I just “found” the free app called “houzz” and I’m in love.  I downloaded it to my iPhone and found a great picture of a bathroom that I would like to have in my home in the next few years.  It is super since you can filter to remodel projects done in your area.  This project was done by a contractor in Chanhassen and they even have a showroom so only a 10min drive from our house.

What’s more they have other stuff too – like home accessories and great app features.  I shared a few pictures with friends very easily.  If you are not a smartphone user you can still benefit from the website –  There people post project challenges and the community jumps in to help.  I read about a remodel of a very old house in France.  I think living in the US it is hard to imagine how old old can be in a country like France, we are talking really old.  Anyway the owner was working on a major stone rehab etc.  Many people sent her pictures and ideas that she seemed to really appreciate.

Check it out and send me a favorite picture if you have one.

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