Study: Green Homes Nab Higher Prices at Resale | Realtor Magazine

Study: Green Homes Nab Higher Prices at Resale | Realtor Magazine.

I’ve been looking into a few upgrades around our house and was positioning them to my husband as good for the environment. For example installing cork flooring in our office with a new Anderson sliding door that offers UV protection in the glass so the room doesn’t heat up and is well insulated and finally recycled glass countertops for our kitchen and baths. Our house is built in the 80s and we have many original items. My husband Mike retorted that the most environmental thing to do is do nothing, of course tounge-in-cheek. Naturally home improvement comes with a true dollar cost and for DIYers like us a time investment.

If considering some updates to your home it is good to read up on the trends with homes and what might be the best investment while also fitting with your personal style and preference.

Gotta go – need to scare a woodpecker who is making a hole in our cedar siding.

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