Smart Moves

I started reading a book this weekend that my godmother co-authored years ago. She had moved several times with a family of 5 and eventually picked up some useful strategies.

The section I read had to do with coping with the move. Here are some key take aways.

1) Kids any age including babies may be impacted by a move. Present the move with plenty of time to say goodbyes to the favorite people and places where you currently live. Enlist help with the move since kids may actually need more attention from you during the transition.

2) Honor traditions. Whether it is cooking as a couple, Friday pizza night, shopping on Sundays, morning walks. Find places in your new community that will help keep some consistency in your routine.

3) Take an inventory of your new community and surroundings. You would research a foreign country if taking a vacation. Similarly research the area you are moving to. What are some of the customs. When I lived in Milwaukee I was amazed by the number of festivals. Embrace your new surroundings as you may come up with some new traditions.

4) If moving with a significant other. Make a list and strategize on how to get things done. Don’t assume one person on the team can do it all.

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