Out of town buyers – iphone mini movie help

In the past month I’ve worked with a couple of out of town buyers.  Given their limited time here I’ve been the eyes and ears for them with the additional support of my iphone and mobile me.  It is very expensive and time consuming to find an out of state or different city place.  One service I provide to my buyers is to make a short walk-through video and post to my mobile me site just for their personal viewing.  Pictures which are available on the MLS can help narrow down the property list but when you really want to know what it looks like as you walk up and into the front door and throughout the property a walk-through video can be useful.  It can serve as a screening or even help you make that final decision.  With the HD easy to use video feature on my iphone I am quite equipped to help you if this is one of your obstacles in finding your next home.  If you are trying this yourself I suggest you first walk through and turn on necessary lights and then start over with the filming.  Windows remain a challenge for me so perhaps I will troubleshoot that soon.  I tend to monologue as I go and try to be as succinct as possible but now and then I do add some commentary.

When I’m not using my iphone for work, I make my share of imovie birthday party or any type of party video.

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