Time to buy – and benefit by in-state tuition

If you are considering grad or law school in another state than where you currently live in the next few years you may want to review the perks of in-state tuition. If you are able to buy a place where you plan to attend, in-state tuition can save you tens-of-thousands of dollars. For example, the Twin Cities market is down right now so a potential buyer may be able to find a property that becomes a good investment. Related, you may find a nicer place than what you are able to rent. Perhaps you can event rent out a room to a classmate.

This approach may require a co-signer since we all know students are typically strapped for cash. But your support system might be impressed by your ingenuity and aversion to massive debt that many graduates contend with once degreed.

Rules will be state and school specific, so do your research.

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