Photosynth – 360 degree photo capture app

Like most iphone users I’m always on the prowl for a new app. Sometimes I’m more work focused like today. I watched a NYT video on a few good photo apps, which I downloaded and tried.

1) camera+ – a fun and useful app.  loads of functionality to improve a picture and add special effects.  easy sharing from this app too including email.  i had fun with the different boarders, color effects.  with time I may get the hang of this to take quality portrait shots.

 2) QuickPix – a little tricky to determine if this will be a go-to app for me.  able to take pictures much more quickly vs. camera app that is built into the iphone.  perhaps good when seeing wildlife or a sports activities.

3) photosynth (free) – a fun way to capture a scene or situation 360 degrees.  quite amazing how easy it is to use.  just point and click.  very sharable from the iphone via facebook or from the website using the link sharing and an email. 

I’m not sure if as a Realtor I will ever be able to totally simplify to my iphone and ipad but I continue to try.

Here is a photosynth video I took today in St Louis Park, MN. A fixer-upper that has some positives.  When you click on the link you can use your mouse to scroll right and left.

Next time I’ll try to take more up and down pictures to fill in even more detail.  I haven’t figured out if there is an export feature such that I can add the panoramas to real estate videos I use to promote listings.

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