Can Tiger Woods win the Masters – don’t count him out…

It is a little tough to watch professional sports especially golf on the weekend and try to get anything else done. The good thing for homeowners is perhaps with golf you can have it on in the background and do some pre-spring cleaning. We are justifying watching hours of golf today by adding to a donation pile. Posting to craigslist is a good option too. Snap a picture, write up some details and save it and you are good to go. Make sure you take measurements for items that need to be measured – like furniture.

As many of you finished your taxes or are perhaps ramping up to finish it is worth noting that donations are a great way to keep your house in order, help others and help your tax situation.

We are good at making the piles, but could be better about the lists. If you haven’t used turbo tax you might consider it just for the donation estimation tool alone. It pulls values from ebay to recommend the value of all items, based on condition.  It is very well organized and everything you might donate is on the list – okay, well I found everything.

-Go ahead and enjoy the golf this weekend on TV, since we aren’t quite ready to get outdoors ourselves and play

-Get ready for spring cleaning by decluttering a little, make that donation pile

-Post something to craigslist, and make a few bucks for that unused item that is taking up valuable space

-Make your list of items you are donating and cross reference turbo tax or ebay for estimating values

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