Those darn ice dams

When I’m out touring homes I can’t help but be amazed by the ice dams this year. I visited one Mpls home that had strategically placed buckets and a note saying roof getting repaired. The flat roof at our office even sprung a leak this week.

I’ve been asked by buyers if a home with ice dams is a red flag. I am a proponent of looking as much at the exterior of the home as interior but this year I think it was the perfect storm for ice dams and even the most responsible home owners have fallen victim.

My advice to seller, address the ice dam problem as much as you can. Use a snow rake, salt stuffed nylons, hire a service.

My advice to buyers, if the house you ultimately buy has some ice dams this time of year consider installing the heated coils in the summer or fall so you won’t have any issues come the next snowy winter. Also, consider adding insulation if suggested by your inspector. Also, don’t overheat your house, keep your thermostat lower when away.

Useful links.. details on signs of ice dams and how to address

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