Pre-selling tips – getting it “ship-shape” and staged

The articles referenced will help you focus on key areas in your home prior to listing.  In the current market, I work with my sellers to put the properties “best foot forward” – this effort will pay off in terms of price and days on market.

A key element in marketing your property is to present it in a way such that it has the broadest appeal possible.  Color choices, furniture style and placement, amount of furniture are all key factors to consider when staging.  And we can’t forget lighting.  Proper lighting will help showcase any property.

Online presence:

  • The pictures – make sure that when listing your home the pictures online are as good as they can be.  Outdoor pictures should be taken in good light.  Indoor pictures should be crisp and an experienced photographer will know how to handle windows properly.  MLS now permits more pictures – so max it out and show off your place.
  • Using the right words – work with your Realtor to ensure you are promoting all of the great features your property has to offer.  This includes focusing on the home – inside and out, and the location.  Key words should be included (i.e. master bath, updated kitchen, 3 bedrooms on one floor, private yard, 3 car garage, close to park, easy freeway access, 20min from downtown and so on).


Visit for more articles like this.


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