Great time to find a good value on a property

I received a call yesterday from a potential buyer who has relocated here from NYC after retiring.  He wanted to know if he could get a good townhouse or condo for $200K in Eden Prairie, Bloomington or Chanhassen.  As we talked more, I learned more about his requirements and netted out that he is looking for one floor living.  One floor at this price will eliminate the majority of the townhouses and moves us in the direction of condos.  I found 7 active listings from $180k-$220K, 6 are condos and 1 is a ground level Quad TH in Chanhassen.  So great news for retirees who are looking for real estate options in 2011 that match their preferences.

For those of you wondering about the difference between a TH and condo, I tend to say that a TH will feel a little bit like a house with private outdoor space and private entry.  Condos will feel a little bit like an apartment with shared spaces, such as entryways and common parking.

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