Relocating from LA to Mpls in the winter

Some key take-aways from my clients from touring Eden Prairie, Edina and Bloomington:

  • Dress in layers, wear wool socks
  • Now I know why cars have seat warmers
  • Minnesota homeowners like fixing up their basements, you may be pleasantly surprised
  • The small door in the hallway/bathroom upstairs is a laundry shoot, how cool
  • I can get to many places I need go in 20 minutes or less, how great!  Of course I need to put my sportscar away for winter and learn to drive on snow 😦
  • 4 season porches are fabulous, warm in winter and bug free in summer
  • We saw two deer in the backyard, nice to be so close to wildlife
  • Garage keypads are easier than taking out house keys, if the home doesn’t have this it is a nice thing to add
  • A house like this would be ~$2m in LA, ~4x the price of Mpls, wow what a great place to buy.
  • Minnesotans love outdoor recreation/sports – not uncommon to find basketball hoops in the backyard, mini-baseball field, hockey rink on the neighborhood pond
  • Lots of parks and playgrounds, your new home will probably be close to one.  The Eden Prairie XC Ski team was out training by Staring Lake when we drove by.  Walkers were out on the paths around the lakes.
  • Many homes come with a backyard playground – some are from Costco
  • It may be sunny but don’t let that fool you, it is still cold so dress for it.
  • Request outdoor non-winter pictures, hard to visualize the yard under the snow
  • D’Amico has great pizza and pasta, make time for lunch to keep your energy up
  • Tour from 10-4, later than 4 and it starts to get dark in December, although the holiday lights are pretty

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