BHG Buyers Guide

Whether you are buying your first home or fourth, it is good to freshen up on the ins and outs of buying a home. This downloadable PDF has useful information on the lending side of things, credit score details & good questions to ask throughout the process. It also covers strategies when buying and how... Continue Reading →

Rates trending down

Wings credit union sponsored a class today. Mentioned they have great 10 yr ARM offer and conventional with 10% down and no PMI. Worth shopping around for what meets your needs.

Twin Cities RE April 2019

If you would like details about your neighborhood or others let me know. Turnkey properties remain competitive - Analysis below from Gardeners aren’t the only ones struggling with spring weather this year. The season’s late start and temperature swings suppressed housing market activity early this year, but those effects are moderating. The latest numbers for... Continue Reading →

Eden Prairie – Senior Housing 2.0

Changes are happening in Eden Prairie. So many that I'll be sharing more details in the coming weeks. The city hosted an excellent event for realtors on the LRT & other citywide construction projects. If you own a home and are contemplating senior housing it is a great time to look at these and many... Continue Reading →

Why do birds flock?

Happy Earth Day Today's realtor class was on Home Energy. Our Fresh Energy speaker covered aspects of a home that relate to its use of energy. A homeowners utility bills are their #3 expense when it comes to owning a home. Asking questions about a home prior to purchase can help prepare a homeowner. Looking... Continue Reading →

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