Selling in the Summer has Benefits

By Ingrid Friel, Twin Cities Realtor, MN Summertime isn’t just for beach vacations or poolside afternoons, it’s also the perfect time to get your home sold. If you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the season your house will shine - literally because there’s plenty of summer sunshine to make those front windows sparkle but... Continue Reading →

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Preparing to Sell Tips

Wherever you live there are aspects of your home that are newer than others. It could be appliances, HVAC, siding etc. When someone calls me saying they want to get ready to list their home and want me to tell them what to do to get it ready we walk around looking at the home... Continue Reading →

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Eden Prairie & Bloomington Senior Housing

Would you rather… My 9 year old Genevieve asks me many “would you rather?” Questions/scenarios daily.  Would you rather have a thin coat or a thick coat?  Would you rather be young or old your whole life?  She has so many things she is thinking about and sharing when we are in the car together,... Continue Reading →

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11/21 Mild Fall – Hot Twin Cities RE Market

Hi, I’m Ingrid Friel. My goals with upcoming blog posts is to answer questions about real estate, share cool findings - people and places, and provide a forum when useful. The past 18 months has been both a challenge and a blessing. We enjoyed more family time, we gave up alcohol, and we completed some... Continue Reading →

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Healthy Trees & Good Neighbors

U of M on Nuisance Trees and Related Article on the Eden Prairie website is on point and useful. We love our trees and with them comes care responsibilities. Answers questions on communication and care. Knowing your property Iines relates to your trees too. Your lot size and lines are public data and cities can... Continue Reading →

Predicting Home Trends from Graphic Design

By Ingrid Friel, Twin Cities Realtor Trends come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where they came from, or why they’ve become the next big thing. Blue-tiled backsplashes might be inspired by a new wave of Mediterranean-motivated interiors. Curved furniture lines could find their origins in an independent movie that captures the... Continue Reading →

Thinking of buying? Know your MSN

Walkers Buyer Packet Final 2022.pdfDownload My trusted lender Lisa Walker with Cross Country Mortgage has some great resources for buyers in 2022. Tracking our expenses isn't always easy but it is meaningful and important. I remember buying my first home as a young professional and needing to consider what my must haves vs. nice to... Continue Reading →

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